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Fixing grandma explores the innovative surgery and patient care in the African American community that has transformed the lives of people who have lived with debilitating back pain for years.

This story hopes to impact medical professionals when it comes to patient care in the African American community.Also to help the audience with misconceptions of doctors and medicine. 


This Documentary will inform the general public, low income communites, and medical professionals on what it is to respect eacother, and learn how to help eachother heal, through the experience of Ms. Williams and Dr. Anders Cohen.  

Barbara Williams

is a spunky, intelligent, sharp, God fearing 83-year-old woman. She has 11 children and is the matriarch of the Williams Family. She is used to cleaning, cooking, traveling, and driving all on her own. If you looked at her you would think she is in her fifties. Little known fact to her children she has been keeping a secret. She has endured constant back pain for over twenty years. Fours years ago she began to fall with out any object there to trip her. She began to bend over more to keep from the pain of standing straight up. Her situation began to worsen. Pains in her legs begin to start and became almost unbearable. She struggled to do normal things. The vibrant young woman began to not look her age but feel her age. Her doctors visits ended in pain medication referrals and “well, she is an old age, this is normal”. She hopes that Dr. Cohen can fix grandma

Dr. Anders J. Cohen

Chief of neurosurgery and spine surgery at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, in New York City. Dr. Cohen has has performed innovative minimal evasive procedure on Barbara Williams. Dr. Cohen has traveled to places like Brazil to learn and perfect this technique. He brought back this technique to Brooklyn and has performed it for the last 10 years. His comradery with his patience is second to none. Dr. Cohen assured Ms. Williams that she would stand straight again and become the youthful senior she once was. 

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